Sneaky Performance

Every pair of socks we make comes with built-in Sneaky Performance: amazing breathability, moisture wicking, performance cotton blend, and über comfy fit. Which is the technical way of saying you get the most comfortable, rad, and versatile sock around. So wear them to work, or for a run, or on an adventure... as we say, they are READY FOR EVERYTHING. 

Boutique Style, Mass Appeal

Sure, we could have created an super fancy, high-end line that could only be found at the most obscure of boutiques in a part of town that's up-and-coming, but then less people would get to experience the awesome. 

Instead, we kept the quality, cut the price, and try to get our pairs on as many feet as possible. 

Hopefully we can say "available everywhere" very soon... until then, we're doing pretty well by being carried in all Target stores and online here. 

Ready For Everything

Don't let their good looks fool you, this pair is steeped in performance. Because you never know when you'll need to save a fair maiden or close a big game, we make our socks, Ready for Everything.

Give 'em a whirl doing what you do, then send us a pic to prove it: